All Mahogany is…


BeautifulAn imposing finish like no other

Honduran Mahogany absorbs color stains thoroughly and easily, allowing for vivid finishes. It also provides incredible grain consistency which favors near flawless seams with matching patterns.

PureOnly 100% is acceptable

There are no veneers, no plywood, no MDF, no particle board, no thermo foil, no laminates; every single inch is made of genuine Honduran Mahogany from its native country: Honduras.

Unique  Perfect imperfections

There is no mass production of any of our products; every item is custom made. Because every piece is hand-crafted by extremely talented artists, no two pieces are ever the same.

Practical It’s not just about beauty

Honduran Mahogany is remarkably resilient. Not only is it hardwood that stands the test of time; it is dent, scratch, rot, and water resistant. It is a product to be enjoyed not for years, but for generations.
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